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A brief guide to postage

this information is based on current rates in the united states with the united states postal office

It's important your suites are addressed and stamped properly. Our team will make sure your envelopes are properly labeled and will make it to your guests. Envelope addressing is included in all of our pricing. We also confirm the cost of postage for each and every client who works with us. Without proper postage, your suites will be sent back to you, which is a stress no engaged couple wants while planning their wedding! 

Who is Invited?

Anatomy of an envelope


Your envelope is how your guests will receive the invitation to help celebrate your wedding day! The return address is printed on the back flap, and matches the RSVP envelope layout. The envelope is part of the design of your invitation and will coordinate with your overall design. The important pieces of this layout are:



Most invitations require a 2oz stamp (as of March 2023 that's 87¢ in postage). Once you have successfully selected and purchased invitations with us, or if you're working on a custom design with us, we will check and verify the exact amount of postage you will need so there are no surprises. We verfify each suite with USPS to ensure our customers have exactly what they need. The weight, size, and depth of each suite contributes to how much postage is required. Most RSVP envelopes require a single 1oz stamp.

If you are sending invitations internationally, you will likely need two international stamps. In this case you would not stamp your RSVP card since it would be returned from another country and the USPS stamp would not be valid. 

2oz stamps are most common for wedding invitations, however, we verify each suite to ensure they have the correct amount of postage. We also offer a convenient stamping service as well as a stamp-and-send service as an add on.

Guests Invited

This is where you list exactly who you want to attend your wedding! Only those who are invited to attend should be listed. 

Street address

Each address will be written out formally. Road instead of Rd., Avenue instead of Ave., ect. It is important to verify your guest's addresses before gathering your guest list.

Town and state

Again, each address will be formally written out. Pennsylvania instead of PA, New York instead of NY, ect.

Zip Code

Zip codes are one of the most important pieces of the address. We usually put the zip on a separate line to add to the formality of the invitation. This poses no problem when mailing, and often makes it easier to be machine read.

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